Comfort Foods, Cycling Discoveries and Winnipeg Starts Opening Up

Comfort food.  Yesterday on his CBS Sunday Morning segment Mo Rocca talked about how people are turning to comfort foods during the pandemic.  For many, this is a food that is old and familiar, perhaps something we enjoyed in our childhoods. Mo interviewed food writer and chef Samin Nosrat who says often the texture of a food is what brings us that sense of comfort. Nosrat has discovered that soft foods, in particular, make us think of our childhoods.

Coincidentally yesterday afternoon, my son sent me a text about a soft comfort food he remembered loving from his childhood, his grandmother’s homemade buns. Did I have the recipe?  He might try making them. A quick e-mail to my siblings unearthed a copy of Mom’s recipe in her own handwriting in just a few minutes. My Mom had given my sister-in-law a box of recipe cards for a wedding shower gift in 1984 and had written some of her favourite recipes on the cards.  One was the recipe for the buns her children and grandchildren loved so much.  Mom had learned how to make the buns from her own mother. They were special- light as a feather but so satisfying.  Mom shaped the dough and placed the buns on pans to rise before she went to bed and then baked them in the morning when she woke up filling the house with an aroma that drew us all out of our rooms and to the kitchen  where the buns sat on racks on the counter golden-topped and warm.  

On our bike rides this past week we discovered some gems in St. Boniface. A statue of Marguerite d’ Youville the founder the Grey Nuns. Their order was responsible for opening the first schools and hospitals in Manitoba. Someone had put a pandemic mask on the venerable Catholic sister. The home of author Gabrielle Roy on Rue Deschambault which I visited during an Open Doors event several years ago. You can read all about that visit and what I learned about one of Manitoba’s earliest and most celebrated authors here.  

My husband Dave was interested to find something else on Rue Deschambault, the site of the new Kilter Brewery set to open shortly. We discovered this mural in the parking lot of the Forum Art Centre at the corner of Eugenie and Tache. It was made by a colleague of mine at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Michel Saint Hilaire.  Michel is responsible for nearly thirty different murals in Winnipeg.  One of my favourites is the tribute mural he did for former Winnipeg mayor Bill Norrie.  You can read my blog post about it here

Book launches like this one won’t be happening at McNally Robinsons for a long time. 

Today is the day many Manitoba businesses will re-open.  I have had e-mails from some I visit often about what their operating methods will look like post-pandemic.  

My hairdresser will take half as many clients at a time and charge a $5 COVID-19 fee to help pay for the extra personal protective equipment the stylists will need. The soonest available appointment is May 26.

My physiotherapist asks you to wait in your car and they will text you when it is your turn to enter the office.  

My dentist says they haven’t figured out yet how to open safely so they will only be treating emergencies at this time.  They will keep me posted.

Several restaurants on my block assembled their outdoor patios on the weekend getting ready to welcome guests who want to eat outside their establishments.

Mountain Equipment Co-op will only be open for a few hours a day.

Only 50 customers will be permitted in McNally Robinson booksellers at one time. Their popular classroom courses and book launches aren’t set to resume in the near future. 

The golf club where my husband spends lots of his time won’t have their restaurant open and only one golfer can use each golf cart. 

I don’t think I will be rushing to change my isolation routine too much at least to begin with.  I will adopt a cautious approach for now and see how things go. 

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