Designer Masks, Libraries, Tatami Mats and The Strangest Dream

We have new masks! Yesterday on our bike ride we stopped by my cousin Lynne’s house to pick up the masks she sewed for us.

Lynne left the masks for us in their mailbox

We both love our new masks. Thanks so much Lynne. This is not the first time Lynne’s sewing skills have benefitted us.  During a period when our oldest grandson was in love with dinosaurs Lynne sewed both him and us dinosaur scarves and hats for Christmas.

She added another whole year of life to this old winter coat of mine with her sewing skills as well. Nice to have such talented family members!

The latest issue of the Friends of the Library newsletter. I wrote both cover stories.

I serve on the Friends of the Library Board of Directors and yesterday we had a Zoom meeting to pick a new design look for our charity’s media outreach and communications. Before the pandemic we were committed to changing our image to appeal to a wider demographic, hoping to convince even more people to join our efforts in supporting literacy and the important work of the Winnipeg Public Libraries.  We have no idea when libraries may open again but we are forging ahead with our plans.  It gives me hope and inspiration. 

Construction on new Bill and Helen Norrie Library

Another inspiring sign was driving by the new Bill and Helen Norrie library site on Grant Avenue during our bike ride.   Since construction sites have so far not been shut down during the pandemic work continues apace on the latest Winnipeg public library which is named in honour of a former Winnipeg mayor Bill Norrie and his wife Helen who has been the children’s book critic for the Winnipeg Free Press for many years.  I was privileged to have lunch with Helen at a social event last year and so enjoyed my conversation with her. 

My Dad on the phone taking a medical call while we had a family birthday supper

They say one of the silver linings of this pandemic is that it is allowing more families to enjoy meals together since they aren’t dashing off to various engagements and commitments.  It reminded me of how dedicated my own mother was at trying to have family suppers despite my father’s erratic schedule. He was a small-town physician who was often late coming home from the office, waylaid by yet another patient who needed his attention. He could be called away from the dinner table to the hospital and in a time when phones had to remain in one place, our dinner table was frequently a place where we had to keep quiet while Dad fielded a medical call. We are being told that we need to stay two meters apart from one another. How far is two meters? That depends on what country you are talking about.  In Japan, they are telling people it’s the length of a tatami mat.  In Britain, it’s the four Beatles walking across Abbey Road. In the United States, it’s how tall President Lincoln was in his top hat. Here in Canada author Arthur Slade says it’s the length of a hockey stick while others suggest we use the height of a full-grown moose with antlers as our measuring reference. 

Dave singing a song he wrote at a cultural event at a friend’s cottage

The French President Emmanuel Macron has initiated an effort for a world truce to war during the pandemic. He says China and the United States are already onside.  We were discussing this with friends during a Zoom call and it had my husband Dave bursting into a rendition of Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream an anti-war song written by Canadian Ed McCurdy and made popular in the 60s by the likes of Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, John Denver and Arlo Guthrie. Those of you who know my husband will be very familiar with his penchant for breaking into a conversation with a song at any moment he deems appropriate.  It was like that. 

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