You Can Burp in Church- Self-Isolation – Day 7

Pastor John Braun giving his virtual sermon at our church

  • Yesterday we watched the live stream version of the Sunday service at our church Bethel Mennonite on the computer.  The pastor had just started his sermon when my husband Dave let out a rather loud burp.  Dave observed that… “One of the good things about attending church in your own living room is you can burp if you need to.” 
  • I have a colouring book with paintings by well- known female artists.  Self-isolation provided me with the perfect opportunity to get my colouring book out of the drawer where it’s been sitting for far too long.  I just finished a painting by Berthe Morisot’ called In the Diningroom.  I learned about Berthe when the Winnipeg Art Gallery had their French Moderns exhibit in the spring and summer of 2018.  Berthe was one of only a few women artists included in the exhibit.  I decided to completely alter her original painting and make mine as colourful as I could. 

A sketch I did of our family at the Forks two years ago. My two grandsons are in the front.

  • Our son is a teacher. After schools closed he became the primary caregiver and homeschool coordinator for his children while his wife a physician carries on with her important work during the pandemic. Our son asked if Dave and I would be willing to tell stories to our two grandsons during this time of self-isolation.  He suggested stories from our past, or from our family history.  Yesterday Dave and I shared our first stories via Face Time. Dave talked about an incident when he was five years old and accidentally cut himself with an axe. I told a story about a time I ran away from home because I was mad at my mother. We were surprised how carefully the boys listened and when we were done they each offered to share a story of their own with us.

    With my friend Wendy

  • I had a long talk with my good friend Wendy yesterday. She was out walking her dogs and mentioned how glad she is that pets can’t contract or transmit COvid- 19. Wendy’s mother has been hospitalized after a major stroke and because of the virus, her family can’t visit her. I realize how many families must be in exactly the same difficult situation.

    Visiting with my cousin Al at a family party

  • I have been praying regularly for my cousin Al who is undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma during these trying times and for my sister-in-law’s sister who is beginning radiation for breast cancer.  It is never easy to deal with a cancer diagnosis but right now it must particularly tough. 

This picture was taken at a family celebration. Cousin Cindy is furthest to the right

  • My American cousin Cindy who recently retired after a nearly forty-year career in the nursing profession posted an impassioned plea on Facebook for people to stay home during the pandemic. She reminds everyone that if they do not socially distance and self-quarantine they are responsible for putting the lives of health care providers at risk. Cindy has many family members and good friends in the medical profession and ends her statement begging us to help these hardworking men and women she loves so dearly by staying home.
  • I am amazed as I look at people’s posted photos on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. So many are simply ignoring the self-isolation recommendations.  They are having outings with senior family members, going to the beach, having their grandchildren over, hosting dinner parties and hanging out in public places seemingly not at all worried about staying the recommended number of meters apart. 
  • An author I heard speak at a Saskatchewan conference last year has come up with the perfect tool for Canadians to use to self-distance when they are out and about.  Arthur Slade has made a video suggesting we carry a hockey stick and swing it around when we are in public. If it hits someone we are too close to them. 
  • I am lucky to be married to my own personal barista who loves experimenting with different ways of making coffee.  Yesterday morning I believe he was trying the inverted aero-press method.  Whatever way he makes my coffee it’s delicious!
  • We had a lovely walk last night but…….. Dave was visiting with friends who are also in self-isolation after a trip and their doctor told them walks weren’t allowed.  They needed to stay inside.  I hope we are doing the right thing. 

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