Bits and Pieces of Our Arizona Life

Thursday night we went for dinner and a movie with friends. We saw the documentary Once We Were Brothers. It is about the music group The Band. They are probably most well known for the 1978 Martin Scorsese film The Last Waltz which showcases The Band’s final concert. We were the only four people in the theatre so we could have sung along with all the very familiar songs we heard during the movie. 

Friday night we went to the Venture Out Mobile Home Park to have supper with three other couples who all attend Bethel Church in Winnipeg with us.  We went to a university basketball game on Saturday night. We spent $12 US in order to purchase a clear plastic bag in the Sun Devils merchandise store. We had to empty the contents of my purse into the bag and then hide my purse under a very large and very prickly cactus on the stadium grounds. We didn’t know that purses, backpacks, diaper bags and camera cases empty or full are not allowed in the Sun Devils stadium. We watched a very exciting game that the Sun Devils won! My purse was still under the cactus after the game. We now have an extra bag for groceries and I’ve got a few scratches on my arms from the cactus spikes. Sunday morning we had a great breakfast and an excellent visit at the Olive Mill with friends, including our former Steinbach neighbours Ric and Helen who spend their winters in Arizona. Helen had made us each a jar of her special orange peach jam. YUM! In the afternoon Dave and Mitch and our friend Rudy hit the links while the rest of us hung out at Hans and Chris’ house in Johnson Ranch and then enjoyed a chilli supper prepared by Dave and Chris. Monday we went out for brunch with Larry and Jo.  Larry and I are members of the same writers’ group in Winnipeg.  We knew we would be in Arizona at the same time but also knew we would both be staying in a number of different places.  Wouldn’t you know it Larry and Jo were at the same vacation community where we spent our first two weeks and we ran into each other in the workout room?  We made plans then to get together later.  We had a great visit!

Went grocery shopping Monday afternoon.  Shelves where toilet paper and hand sanitizer are sold are bare.  This is the case in every store we visit.

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  1. We had a great visit, too!

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