Wild Flowers and A Lost Camera

See our camera around Dave’s neck?

Our friend Mitch on the Merkle Trail

Dave used that camera to take some gorgeous shots of the many different wildflowers we learned about on a hike down the Merkle Trail in Usery Park  in  Arizona.  The wildflower walk was led by the legendary Ranger B who hosts lots of interesting hikes in the park. 

Dave took this photo of our hiking group with my phone.  

After the hike was over Dave put the camera on one of the tables in a picnic shelter at the end of the trail while we made post-hike plans for dinner.  We both forgot to pick it up before we headed to our car and only discovered it was missing when we got home.  We called the park and went back there to search for it, but no one had turned it in.  The camera was nearly ten years old and had a few technical problems but I am so sad to lose the beautiful pictures Dave took of the wildflowers we saw. This blog post only includes the few photos I took with my phone. Here our friend Mitch is smelling the flower of the creosote plant. When you rub it and then cup your hands to smell it you get the aroma of fresh rain. These are some of the oldest plants in the world. Ranger B told us they’ve around for 11,500 years. The trails were lined with Brittle Bush flowers that looked like daisies. The buckhorn cholla plant features these fiery red blooms. You had to look carefully for them because they were hidden on the desert floor among many other things, but it was possible to spot some woolly daises or Easter Bonnets as they are more commonly referred to. Ranger B said the chuparosa flowers were a favourite of hummingbirds. Dave also had photos of the fairy duster, the globemallow,  the sore eye poppy, the gilia, and the fiddleneck but they are in our camera which belongs to someone else now.

It was a gorgeous day for a hike!

wildflower walk arizona

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