Not A Meal- It Was An Experience- Another T-4 Adventure

On Saturday the T-4’s, the group of friends I meet with regularly, went to the Amsterdam Tea Room and Bar just down the street from my house to enjoy a luncheon together before I set off on an extended holiday. What a wonderful time we had!  The friendly and knowledgeable chef waited on us personally. He patiently answered all our questions about the menu. He brought out each dish and told us exactly what it was and how it had been made. We were impressed that the menu is changed regularly so you can keep coming back and trying new things. So many of the ingredients used in the food preparation are local and almost everything is made in-house. My friend Glenys started with one of the unique tea-infused cocktails featured at the Tea Room.  This one was called Earl Grey on Safari and Glenys said it was wonderful. The Amsterdam food menu is served tapas style so you share all the dishes.  That’s great because you get to try so many things. We started with the Carrot Hummus with almonds, pumpkin seeds and pomegranate. It was accompained by foccacia bread baked in house. There was definitely a chili flavor to the hummus that added a nice kick. Next up was my personal favourite dish Golden Beets with Peaches, Hazelnuts and Ricotta Cheese. I was so busy oohing and aahing over the Parisienne Gnocchi with Cauliflower Chowda I almost forgot to take a photo. The same thing happened with the Broccolini and Faro dish. We ended with a Snert Stamppot with Local Lamb Sausage.  It had a very interesting unique taste. We were the only people in the restaurant on Saturday at lunch but I have seen the place packed when I have walked by so I know its popular. The desserts on the menu looked delectable too and I’d like to go back and try them some time but I had a cake waiting back at our condo for dessert and an early celebration of my friend Debbie’s birthday. My husband Dave acted as our barista making us coffee with his Aero Press.  As always we lingered long and caught up on our daily lives. 

I’d highly recommend the Amsterdam Tea Room.  We all agreed our lunch hadn’t just been a meal. It had been a real food experience. 

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