What is Your Heavy Weight?

The word I have chosen for 2020 is listen. One of my resolutions is to listen to interesting and educational podcasts this year. I have rarely listened to podcasts in the past and I wanted to find some good ones I could follow regularly.  My son recommended Heavy Weight and I have really enjoyed the episodes I have listened to so far. 

Series host Jonathan Goldstein introduces you to a guest each week who is struggling with a heavy weight, something from their past that is placing a burden on their life. Jonathan attempts to help them lift that burden.

The first episode I listened to was about a recovering drug addict named Scott who wants to return a valuable family heirloom he stole from his father and sold to buy drugs. It takes quite the detective work to figure out what has happened to the antique and when Scott finally returns it to his Dad he is surprised by his reaction. 

In another episode, a woman who has always hated math has to pass a math exam in order to get her real estate licence.  The fact that she isn’t good at math has been a troubling weight on her life and prevented her from doing all kinds of things.  Now she wants to become a real estate agent to support her daughters and be a role model for them.  Jonathan listens to her story and finds unique ways to provide encouragement during her journey towards the exam day.  

I’ve also listened to episodes where a family wants to find a child their mother put up for adoption forty years before and an episode where a young woman wants to connect with her father who just disappeared from her life one day. 

Illustration by Venezuelan artist Maria Guadarrama

Heavy Weight is a weekly podcast in its fourth season so there are plenty of old shows to listen to.  I was telling my brother about the podcast and he asked what might be a heavy weight in my own life. What burden from my past would I want to work at having lifted?  I can think of a couple and when I listen to Heavy Weight I wonder whether I would be brave enough to ask host Jonathan Goldstein to help me confront them. 

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