Christmas at New Years

We just wound up our family Christmas on the weekend. Our children and grandchildren came from their home in Saskatoon for three days to join the rest of us here in Winnipeg so our official Christmas was in January. Here are some things that happened.
1. We went sledding at the Forks. 
2. My Dad met his youngest great-granddaughter for the first time.
3. We had our traditional waffle breakfast and ate the better part of a 17-pound turkey.
4. We completed a jigsaw puzzle worked on by three generations.
5. My husband gave our oldest grandson his first chess lessons.
6. We sang carols.

7. My seven-year-old grandson read Margaret Laurence’s The Birthday Christmas Story aloud to us. 
8. Our daughter-in-law made two kinds of delicious homemade soup for one of our meals.

9.  We found out what was in everyone’s stocking. 
10. People read the Christmas memory stories I had written for them. 
11. Many games of crokinole were played on a crokinole board I inherited from my grandparents. 
12. We all shared a highlight from the previous year and one thing we wanted to work on in the coming year. 
13. My husband told his grandchildren lots of stories and I read them lots of stories. 
14. Our grandsons watched their aunt knit. I received a new winter hat she knit for me as a Christmas gift. 
15. We went on a sculpture walk in our neighbourhood and then warmed up at Forth coffeeshop. 
16. Board games and card games were played.  
17. A whole box of Christmas sweets made by my friend Debbie was consumed. 
18. We had fun at the playground behind the Children’s Museum. 
19. We had extended family over for faspa. 
20.  Many memories were made.

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