Word of the Year- 2020

I follow author Carrie Synder’s blog.  Each January instead of making resolutions Carrie chooses a word she wants to apply to her life for the coming year and blogs about her progress in doing so. 

I decided I would try to pick a word of the year for 2020.  It was hard. I toyed around with lots of different possibilities, but I finally settled on LISTEN. 

visiting with al (1)

I tend to talk a lot and so this year I want to try to talk less and listen more.  I want to really listen to what others have to say and learn from them.  

I want to get better at sensing how other people feel about me or when I may have irritated, frustrated or upset them, and so I want to listen in a way that helps me pick up on more than just other people’s words, but listen to their body language and unspoken emotions as well to figure out how I can improve our relationship.

walking in iceland

I want to do a better job of listening to my body and what it is telling me I need to do to keep it healthy and strong.  I also need to learn to listen when my body tells me it needs rest and quiet. 

I want to listen to different kinds of music and expand my music tastes. 

I want to start listening to some podcasts and be inspired by the new ideas they might foster. 

at the writing desk in icelandI want to seek out more advice about improving my writing and getting it published and I want to listen to that advice and take it seriously.  

Hopefully, I will make progress implementing my word and can report back to you during the coming year in some blog posts.

What might you pick for a word of the year?

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5 responses to “Word of the Year- 2020

  1. Marie

    MaryLou I like your word for the year! I do so enjoy talking with you, so don’t have to use listen on me! My word is calm, that means slow down, have lots of time for thinking, reflecting and intentions, rather than reactions.

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  2. A great post MaryLou! I’m going to think on this. 🙂

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  3. gabe

    Such fun. I like how you expand the listening beyond words. My word this year (last year it was: enough) is ‘own it’. I know, it’s two words. In the words of Catherine McKenna . . . “I’m just going to own it.”
    Happy 2020.


    • I really like this Gabe. I almost did ‘get a book published.’ But that is way too many words. I looked up what your words mean and found this. you “accept yourself fully, both your strengths and weaknesses, and live life without regrets or apology.” I LOVE that.

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