Celebrity Sighting at Breakfast

“That’s Better Call Saul”  my husband Dave whispered as we stopped on the steps on our way out of the Winnipeg restaurant Clementines where we had breakfast yesterday with our friends. Dave was sure he had spotted actor Bob Odenkirk. 

 “I thought he looked familiar when we walked past him,” I said. I had watched the whole Breaking Bad series in which actor Bob Odenkirk plays smooth-talking lawyer Saul Goodman. His series Better Call Saul which my husband Dave watches, is a prequel to Breaking Bad and will debut its fifth season in February of 2020. 

Bob Odenkirk – Photo by Gage Skidmore

When we got home I looked up whether Bob Odenkirk was in Winnipeg making a film or television series.  Sure enough, a CTV article said Odenkirk would be in Winnipeg from October 15 to November 29th shooting an action thriller movie for Universal Pictures set to be released in August of 2020 called Nobody. It is about a suburban father named Hutch Mansell out to get revenge on thieves who break into his home.  

This is not the first time however that Winnipeg has had a connection with the Better Call Saul television series. The Winnipeg Free Press reports that during the 2018 season of the series, a character called Nacho is getting ready to skip town and opens a safe containing cash and a fake ID that has Wolver Avenue in Winnipeg listed as the address of the owner of the identity card. 

When we passed Odenkirk in the restaurant I overheard him telling his breakfast companion about the things he liked on the menu so obviously, this wasn’t the first time he had eaten at Clementine’s. Both Dave and I thought Bob looked a lot younger in person than he does on television. I am looking forward to seeing Bob Odenkirk in the movie Little Women which opens during the holiday season this year. 

When you live in the Exchange District of Winnipeg you get used to seeing actors, props and scenery and film crews on the streets regularly. But it is still always a little bit of a thrill when you spot a celebrity.  I sometimes say living in the Exchange District of Winnipeg is a bit like living in a movie set. 

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4 responses to “Celebrity Sighting at Breakfast

  1. Rose Plett

    Better Call Saul , which I also loved, has 3 complete seasons, I just checked ’cause I wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed any. Breaking Bad was also a fav.

    Speaking of notables, I met Milt Stiegel at a mall yesterday doing promos for up-coming Grey Cup final. Mr. Stegall was a fine athlete and has contributed much to this community. I was so happy to meet him, congratulate him on his successes, and prognosticate on the up-coming game.

    It’s fun seeing famous people, NY city is a great place for people watching.


  2. Marie

    Yes that was interesting, we have watched both those series. I texted Chris right away to tell him because he is a fan of Odenkirk and his series, especially Better call Saul. We must do Clementine’s again! The food was fabulous and the company even better!

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