Tree on Fire- Hong Kong on Fire

I took this photo of the traditional Christmas Tree in Festival Walk Shopping Mall in Hong Kong in December 2010

Photo from Reuters

Here is that same tree on fire. According to a report on Radio Television Hong Kong black-clad protesters forced their way into the Festival Mall after it had closed, smashed through glass barriers and set the tree on fire. They broke down doors and set off the automatic sprinkler system. Protesters were angry because of a police raid at the mall on Sunday during which arrests were made and several people were injured. 

Sunday morning at Pacific Coffee in the Festival Walk Mall with our children during one of their visits to Hong Kong

It is hard to believe this is happening in Festival Walk. Dave and I were at the Festival Walk Mall every week when we lived in Hong Kong.  We went to their Pacific Coffee shop on Sunday mornings to read the paper.  We often dined at their excellent Italian restaurant Amaroni’s. We shopped at their Page One book store.  We went to the movies at the mall’s theatre.

Dinner at Amaronis in Festival Walk with friends

Dave having fun with our friends’ daughter at Amaroni’s in Festival Walk

Hong Kong was such a peaceful and safe place to call home for six years. It is surreal to watch the news and see places we knew well like Festival Walk now the site of violence and conflict.
A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to a group and they asked me what I thought would be the outcome of the democracy protests in Hong Kong.  I gave a fairly lengthy answer but ended with the summation that “right now I can’t see any way for things to end well.”   Sadly I think, my words are proving to be right. 

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2 responses to “Tree on Fire- Hong Kong on Fire

  1. Bill

    Heartbreaking to see all of this – so many good memories with friends like you in these places!


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