Two Stories About Grandpa

 With my grandfather in 1956

“Your grandfather had a sense of humor.”  I was in Saskatoon on Sunday and attended church with my children and grandchildren.  Before the service, I was chatting with Joanne and Ted a couple from my mother’s hometown of Drake, Saskatchewan.  Ted recalled his father telling him about a conversation he had with my grandfather Peter Schmidt shortly after Grandpa had visited his doctor.  Apparently, the physician had told Grandpa he needed to lose some weight. Grandpa reported, “The doctor said I can only have one slice of bread a day,” Then he chuckled and added with a twinkle in his eye, “But he didn’t say how thick a slice!”  

Peter and Annie my grandparents

Joanne said she remembered hearing how my grandfather liked to help with clean up after meals at the church.  He would collect the cream pitchers from the table and drink any cream left in each pitcher so when the pitchers arrived in the church kitchen they were all completely empty. It sounds like my grandpa had a hearty appetite!

My grandfather died when I was just seven years old and I often wish I had gotten to know him better.  I am always happy to hear any little stories about him. 

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