My Husband Sits on the Throne And I Become A Bat

On the boat to Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is just a short boat trip away from the city of Dubrovnik.

We took a long walk on the rocks and in the forest on Lokrum Island

It is a lovely place to walk and relax but also has two claims to fame. It was the site for many scenes of filming for the television series Game of Thrones and it is home to a large number of Kolombatovic’s long-eared bats.

Queen Cersei Lannister on the legendary throne

Lokrum Island was a key location for the filming of Game of Thrones so when the series came to an end its producers donated the throne used in the television show to the island. Now visitors can sit in the chair located in an old monastery on the island and imagine they are the center of the action in a Game of Thrones episode.

King Dave on the legendary throne

Since my husband, Dave was the only one in our party who had actually watched the Game of Thrones series he posed in the famous chair for a photo. You could watch a video in the monastery that described many of the locations on Lokrum Island and in Dubrovnik that were used for the filming of Game of Thrones. 

Photo of a Kolombatovic long-eared bat in the exhibition on Lokrum

Another thing Lokrum is famous for is Kolombatovic’s long-eared bat. It is found only in the Balkans particularly on islands in the Adriatic Sea. The species was first identified in the early 1980s. Lokrum Island has been a protected nature preserve for more than seventy years so the bats have flourished there.  A display in the same monastery where Dave sat in the Game of Thrones chair described a project where scientists had tagged a bat on Lokrum Island they named Beatrice and followed her behavior and flight for ten days.  Beatrice roosted in the old monastery during the day. Dave insisted I pose in a cutout of the famous long-eared bat in the monastery. 

One of the Lokrum peacocks

Two animals besides the bat abound on Lokrum. The peacock and the rabbit. They were everywhere.

Dave tries to make friends with a peacock

We were having a nice relaxing rest in the sun in these chairs on Lokrum until a young man came along and told us we needed to pay $20 if we wanted to sit in the chairs

Our afternoon on Lokrum was rather laid back and easy going but it was interesting to learn about Beatrice the bat and to see the actual throne from Game of Thrones.

Dave and I in contemplation mode by a natural pool on Lokrum Island

Lokrum used to be most famous for being a place where Richard the Lionhearted took refuge in 1192 when he was returning from the Crusades. Now a species of bat and a wildly popular television series have put it on the map for new reasons. 

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