Up on the Wall in Dubrovnik

With my sister Kaaren on the Dubrovnik wall

Up and down! Down and up! We certainly had a great workout yesterday traversing the ancient walls around the City of Dubrovnik. After a full day of travel, we were ready for a little exercise and we got it in spades on our two-hour trek up 25 meters and down 25 meters so many times! My fitness app said I had climbed up 30 flights of stairs yesterday but I think it was more than that! With the beautiful blue Adriatic on one side and the picturesque city of Dubrovnik on the other, it was hard sometimes to know where to look!

My sister Kaaren on the Dubrovnik wall with the Adriatic Sea behind her

Dubrovnik is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic and when you walk on the wall around the beautiful city it is easy to understand how it got that name. The wall around Dubrovnik was built over a period of time between the 14th and 17th century and its defensive purpose was made clear by the cannons and these forts and bastions.  There were fifteen of them built originally along the wall. You could climb up to the tops of the bastions and my brother-in-law Ken decided to scale this one. From the wall, you can look out on the island of Lokrum where many scenes from the television series Game of Thrones were filmed. There are homes and churches and offices visible from the wall.  I liked the way this line of laundry brought a flash of color to the more somber tones of the buildings. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this desk top through an open window along the wall! If a messy desk is a sign of genuis as some experts suggest, the person who owns this office must be brilliant! Some of the homes along the wall were no longer in use but they had a beauty all their own with mosses and greenery taking over their framework. Dave was usually way ahead of the rest of us but at one point he had stopped for some reason and when I got closer I found out why. There was a basketball court down below and a couple of guys were playing a little one- on-one. I might have known basketball would get my husband who coached and played the sport for decades to take a break. There is a really fascinating story behind these orange roof tiles you see on the buildings around the wall. Almost 70% of the beautiful terra cotta rooftops in Dubrovnik were destroyed by the Yugoslav People’s Army during the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990s. UNESCO which had recognized the city as World Heritage Site in 1979 decided to help restore the rooftops and they enlisted some help from another European country. 

My sister photographing the beautiful orange rooftops of Dubrovnik

Apparently, the buildings in Toulouse France have exactly the same kind of orange terra cotta rooftops as Dubrovnik and so factories there pitched in to assist with a $9 million project to restore the unique roofs in Dubrovnik. More than 200,000 tiles were shipped from Toulouse to Dubrovnik. It is sometimes hard to remember that war was a reality in Croatia so recently and caused such devastation to so many places and people here.  The roof tile story is a good reminder. We had to pay about $40 Canadian to walk along the wall and at first I thought that was a bit of a steep price but when I saw these workers fixing a section of the wall I realized that Dubrovnik probably has to foot a hefty bill to keep the walls safe and stable for the nearly 5 million tourists who come to Dubrovnik every year. The walls around Dubrovnik were originally wooden palisades that were replaced by the current limestone wall. The walls were built so sturdily that they even survived an earthquake in 1667. From high up on the wall we could see Swimmers and sunbathers and kayakers getting a different view of the wall but….. we were more than happy with the wonderful introduction to the City of Dubrovnik we received by trekking our way around the wall. Today a walking tour of the city should help us get to know the Pearl of the Adriatic in a different way. 

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2 responses to “Up on the Wall in Dubrovnik

  1. Thanks for reminding me of our lovely walk alone the same wall a few years ago. A cousin told me Dubrovnik was the most beautiful city in Europe and he just might be right. Great photos.


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