Look What I Found!

Normally I volunteer at the MCC Thrift Store with a group of women from my church. But this week I went in on a different day. For a couple of hours in the afternoon, I was all alone in the upstairs workspace.  I am the “Christmas Lady” at the shop. Every week I sort and price and package all the Christmas items that have been donated. Most weeks I fill up five or six large banana boxes with items for sale.  Apparently, all these thousands of items will be purchased by customers in December. Left to my own devices last week I had no one to talk to about the unique items I was finding so I took photos instead. Check out this Scottish Christmas Santa in his kilt and bagpipes.  He is a music box figurine. I assumed the tune he’d play would be some Christmas carol but no….. once I had him all wound up he piped Amazing Grace. I was delighted to find this creche.  Made of cardboard it brought back memories of my childhood when I saw manger scenes just like this at my house, at church, school and in the homes of friends and family.  I just had to put it together to be sure all the pieces were there and they were!  I almost bought it myself. My next big find was these Christmas cocktail candles. Yes, complete with straws, fruit garnish and perky red bows they are actual candles but had never been lit. Finally out came this hat! I am not sure what it was doing in the box of donated Christmas stuff but I LOVED it! I did a little checking online and these feather headbands were all the rage in the 1920s.  They were part of the Flapper look. I wasn’t quite sure how to wear it so I tried it in two different ways. I almost bought the hat too but tucked it into a Halloween box thinking someone might want to use it with a Roaring Twenties costume.

Although I made my own fun in the shop last week I am looking forward to sharing my workday again with my friends in the future. 

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  1. Brenda Fischer

    Hope you brought the hat along to your Ontario visit! 🤩

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