Fifty Years of Folklorama

Yesterday when I was waiting for my bus in front of City Hall the official opening of Folklorama was taking place there. Mayor Brian Bowman was giving a speech. I only caught a bit of it before my bus pulled up but one line I remember was something like ….”Winnipeg is wedding socials, whiteouts, and Folklorama.”The signage made it clear 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the annual Folklorama event showcasing forty-five different cultural groups that are part of our urban milieu. For two weeks you can visit pavilions set up all over the city to see displays, enjoy cultural shows and taste a huge variety of ethnic foods. We haven’t always been in Winnipeg for Folkorama since we moved here in 2011, but I thought I’d include a few photos I’ve taken on past visits.

Trying a kilt on for size at the Scottish Pavilion in 2018

In 2011 I met a former Steinbach student of mine and her sister who were ambassadors at the Belgian Pavilion

Watching dancers at the Brazil Pavilion 2013

Trying on some traditional outfits with my friend Merle at the Portugal Pavilion in 2016

We already have plans to go to the Ukrainian Pavilion with friends on Monday so I will have more photos to include in my Folklorama album.

Guiding a group from Winnipeg’s Chinese community at the art gallery

With a group of my student teachers and the staff members who supported them in a Winnipeg school where I was a supervisor

In my jobs as a guide at the art gallery and as a university supervisor in many different inner-city schools I am constantly delighted by the wonderful ethnic, cultural, racial and religious diversity of Winnipeg. Folklorama is a great way to celebrate that diversity. 

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