Six Things That Help Me Stay Positive About Our World

It is easy to become despondent when one spends too much time reading all the troubling stories in the media. I am trying hard to look for the positive and make myself think about the positive instead. Here are six things I’m doing to help me maintain an optimistic outlook. 1. I have started a new series of posts on my blog where I draw a graphic and share some good news about our world.  I have found there is actually plenty of positive news to share.

Michelle Obama visits with children at a Child Development Centre in North Carolina

2. On my Twitter newsfeed I have decided to follow politicians and columnists and opinion writers whose policies and plans give me hope that humanity is headed towards becoming a more compassionate place where we take care of each other and the natural world. People like Alexandra Ocasio- Cortez and Elizabeth Warren, Melinda Gates and Michelle Obama and Canada’s Arlene Dickinson and  Elizabeth May 

3. I have tried to write blog posts that highlight positive things happening in our world.

4. I get a newsletter in my inbox each week called The Optimist a perk of my Washington Post subscription.  It highlights positive hopeful stories the paper has run in the last week.

5. I continue to pray hopefully each night for an end to violence and poverty in our world. I donate time and money to organizations that promote those causes in a variety of ways. 

Visiting a daycare  in Runaway Bay Jamaica

6. I spend as much time as I can around children- observing them, talking with them and trying to help them, my own grandchildren, the children I give tours to at the art gallery, the children in the classrooms I visit in my job as a university supervisor, the children at my church, the children at the library, the children in my neighborhood, the children I encounter on my travels. Knowing we need to make our world a better place for them, seeing their hopefulness and trust makes me want to be more positive. 

What do you do to try and stay positive? 


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8 responses to “Six Things That Help Me Stay Positive About Our World

  1. Great list MaryLou. I’m going to add your list of positive women to my Twitter feed.

    I work hard at staying positive also. I rid toxic people from my life and surround myself with positive people and people who inspire me. Thank YOU for being one of the inspiring people in my life!

    I love my dogs and cats and looking at their little furry faces always makes me smile.

    I always read about healthy eating and healthy choices to help keep my mindset in the right place.

    I know we make a positive difference in the lives of my boys.

    My list could go on. 🙂


  2. I like your positive posts idea. Months ago I stopped watching the nightly news as it felt like an assault of everything awful going on in the country – and in the world. I try to stay positive one person at a time. The blog involvement intrigues me. I have written only a few posts in that direction specifically. And, yes, the children. They are so innately positive – inspiring us as well!


  3. This world is crazy, and full of depressing news. But I found out about the best news ever, and I wrote about it a while ago in a post. Please do check it out! I’m not promoting myself, I just honestly hate seeing people get discouraged and I know this can help you.


    • Actually my point is that the world is also full of great news. I respect that faith helps you stay positive. If you read my blog you will know that my faith sustains me as well. Sadly however it is the supposed people of Christian faith in the United States who are supporting a president whose actions run counter to everything Jesus Christ taught us that are creating a great deal of the negativity and chaos in our world. I struggle mightly with the idea that someone who shares my faith could possible support a man like him.

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