Dad’s Treasures – Part 2

As I was helping my Dad do some down-sizing his old doctor’s bag was one of the treasures we found.  Just looking at the bag it is clear it was put to very good use!

My Dad’s medical school graduation photo

My father told me he got the bag shortly after he graduated from medical school at the University of Manitoba.  I was only five years old at the time but can still remember the beautiful dress my mother wore to Dad’s graduation celebrations.

Dad and his fellow interns at St. Boniface Hospital in the late 1950s- Dad is third from the right in the back row

After interning at St. Boniface Hospital and doing a year of surgical practice with Dr. Isaac in Winnipeg he joined a clinic in Steinbach.

Dad with the doctors he worked with at Bethesda Hospital in Steinbach. 

Dad practiced medicine in Steinbach for 38 years.

Dad shows me some of the equipment he kept in his bag

I remember his bag as a fixture in our home because Dad could be called away any time night or day to make housecalls for his patients and he usually took the bag stocked with basic medical supplies and equipment along with him.  I remember the bag coming along with us to our cabin at Moose Lake as well, because many people with cottages around the lake knowing my Dad was a doctor would come to our yard to have cuts and scrapes attended to, to have fish hooks removed from various body parts or to have a quick consultation to determine whether an injury was serious enough to warrant a drive to the nearest hospital. In the article written about my Dad when he became an honorary lifetime member of the Canadian Medical Association, they talked about the many medical students he mentored, the volunteer work he did as a doctor in different countries, and the various professional boards and committees he served on. 

Dad’s work-worn doctor’s bag is a symbol of his dedicated service to thousands of people during his long and respected career as a physician. 

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4 responses to “Dad’s Treasures – Part 2

  1. Marie

    I notice that there is only 1 women in the graduating class!


    • I should have noticed that too! Thanks for the idea. I am going to ask Dad what he remembers about her. I looked it up and in 2017 58% of first-year medical students in Canada were women.


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  3. What a wonderful legacy…thank you for sharing.


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