Just A Tiny Thing Makes All the Difference

I am at the gym doing my stretches. There’s one where I stand like a crane on one foot holding the other up to my rear and trying to balance on just one leg. At my age, it’s not always easy. But………if I put even a fingertip against a wall or some other support I can keep my balance for as long as I like. Just a tiny fingertip makes all the difference.


When I used to present peacemaking workshops I often told the parable of the snowflake. Snowflakes were falling on a pine branch and even as the 999,999th flake landed the branch still remained on the tree. However, when the one-millionth snowflake was added the branch broke and fell to the ground.  Just one tiny snowflake that weighed practically nothing made all the difference. 

I recently read an article that said taking a single deep breath can improve your overall well being in five different ways! It increases awareness of your surroundings, reduces anxiety, gives your mind focus, relieves pain and provides healing. Just one tiny breath makes all the difference. 

The Dalai Lama once reminded us that if we think tiny things don’t make a difference we should remember what a difference it makes to try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.  

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