Trying Something New

This week I did something I’ve never done before.  I bought my groceries online and had them delivered to my door.  We are a one car family and because of the fact my husband’s part-time work, many athletic endeavors, and hobbies require him to have a vehicle, I rarely have access to ours.  

This week Dave’s busy schedule left absolutely no time for me to go to the grocery store.  Since the nearest one is several kilometers away I was going to bike there and fill up my saddle bags with groceries.  But some unseasonably cold weather deterred me. I had often seen the Save On Foods van outside the door of my building so I figured some of my fellow condo dwellers were having groceries delivered, and thought maybe I should give it a try too. 

save on foodsIt couldn’t have been easier. I registered online, found the things I needed and put them in my ‘shopping cart.’  Then I picked a delivery time.  I noted that if you chose less popular delivery times the cost of delivery was as low as $4.95.  What a bargain! Someone would pick out my groceries for me in the store, bag them and deliver them right to my door for $4.95?  If I figured out my time shopping, gas for the car and monetized the effort spent hauling the groceries from my parking garage up to my condo I was even going to be ahead financially.  I also found I stuck to my list better shopping online and wasn’t enticed by other ‘deals’ I might have succumbed to shopping in the actual store so my weekly total was quite a bit lower than usual. 

Then I had the loveliest chat with the young man who delivered my groceries and realized I was helping to provide a much-needed job for him.  What a win/win situation. 

I’ve already started my grocery list for next week. I may never go to a grocery store again!

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4 responses to “Trying Something New

  1. Katie Kurtz

    I love grocery delivery! With two little kids (and a third I babysit), it’s a lifesaver sometimes. I use two services for different stores. One has a yearly membership fee, and the other has a delivery fee for each order. I’m glad it’s providing jobs, too.

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  2. Marie

    This is the way of the future. Bill loves grocery shopping and does most of ours, but once we are not able to manage it anymore, I will do this as well. Lindsay has been doing this for 2 years now and it is such a time saver. They meal plan, order their groceries and it’s a huge time saver. I find carrying up groceries to an apartment quite difficult! Several times younger people have offered to help us lol. I may just try Save on Foods for Delivery!

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    • I know. I am going to try to convince my Dad to try this too although navigating the online part might be a bit tough for him. I wish I would have had this service when I was busy raising a couple of boys and fully immersed in all their activities, my career and community work. See you soon. MaryLou


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