Check Out the Kids’ Section

Yesterday on Jeopardy the current champion James Holzhauer who has won over a million dollars so far was asked by host Alex Trebek how he had prepared for competition.  James said he had done most of his studying in the children’s section of the library.  There he could read about all kinds of topics in a simple straightforward way that helped him recall all the basic facts he needed to know about an event, person, country or geographical landmark. 

I just nodded my head because I use James’ technique  too.  Often if  I need information about a scientific principle or a historical event for a column or blog post I am writing I will search online for a kids’ version.  

For example the other day I was doing a blog post about Margaret Thatcher the first woman to hold the office of British Prime minister. Googling just her name brought up long-winded essays and biographies.  Then I typed margaret thatcher for kids into the search bar and I was quickly led to a three-minute cartoon biography of Margaret Thatcher  that taught me basically everything I needed to know about her.  

Aimee Miles in an article for Book Riot says reading materials marketed for children can offer an opportunity for growth and education for adults as well because they often break down complicated ideas or issues and explain them in a straightforward way.  So the next time you want to learn something new or do some research and don’t have time to wade through a plethora of information just check out the material for kids. James Holzhauer did and became a millionaire!

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