Twin sisters who were my grade five students in Hong Kong and invited me to watch them play tennis one evening.Me with the same twin sisters when they graduated from high school seven years later. My grandmother Annie Jantz and her sister Marie in 1902

With my sister outside a restaurant in St. Boniface.

My father-in-law Cornelius Driedger and his two brothers Abe and John

Sisters in a Palestinian refugee settlement near Bethlehem. 

My mother and her siblings in the 1930s.

The children of our guide in Siem Reap Cambodia who took us to visit his home.

With my two brothers at a family event in 2000.  My grandmother Margaretha Peters is far left. She sits with her sisters and sisters-in-law at a family reunion. 

My husband Dave and his brother Paul on the golf course. Two sisters walking on a beach in Borneo. Brother and sister in Malaysia on the dock leading up to their house on the water. My father with his five sisters. 

A watercolor that was on exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery by Inuit artist Pitaloosie Salia. It shows Pitaloosie and her sister Aqsatunnguaq.  My grandfather and his brothers.  My grandfather is right in the middle. 

Twin sisters at a Wushu competition in Hong Kong eating lunch. 

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