Who Would You Invite to A Feast?

During Lent our church is having services centered on the theme The Hunger and the Feast. Last Sunday our pastor asked us to think about who we would invite to enjoy a feast with us if we could invite anyone living or dead.  I have been thinking about that a fair bit this week and I would agree with our pastor who said he would invite his own family-his wife and children and grandchildren.  

Sketch I did of our family at the Forks this last Christmas

Our whole family is only together once or twice a year for a couple of days since our older son lives in Saskatoon with his partner and our grandchildren. Our other son and his partner live here in Winnipeg but they are both busy professional musicians whose work often involves travel.  To coordinate our schedules more than once a year is difficult.  I would love to sit down at a feast with all of them and just visit and catch up on our lives.   I am never happier than when we are all together.  

With my Mom at Christmas a year and a half before she died

At first I thought I might want to have a feast with beloved members of my family who have died.  My amazing and supportive mother, my kind and caring mother-in-law, my two grandmothers- talented, funny and intelligent women.  But I think that would just make me way too sad.  I miss them as it is and getting a chance to see them again might only make my grief over losing them more intense. 

Posing with my daughter-in-law and her sister and the statues of The Famous Five in Ottawa

Then I wondered if I might want to feast with a famous writer like Jane Austen or a poet like Mary Oliver.  Perhaps a brilliant artist like Emily Carr or a singer like Carol King. Maybe a world leader like New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern or one of Canada’s Famous Five who convinced the courts to acknowledge that women were people in the eyes of the law. Should I invite a new Testament character like Jesus’ mother or an Old Testament character like Queen Esther? Although I would love to chat with legendary folks like the outstanding ones I’ve mentioned we don’t really have a personal connection and I might feel nervous in their presence. 

No I really think if I could share a feast with anyone it would be my family. Who would you invite to your feast? 

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