Some of you who follow my blog know I’ve been working to become braver of late in trying my hand at artwork.  Inspired by books like The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and The Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert I am trying to accept the idea you don’t have to be great at art to use it as a medium to explore thoughts and feelings and interests.  I didn’t really do much drawing during my recent two months in Mexico.  But while watching an episode of Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley I was fascinated with a feature they did on all the graphics of suns they use on each show.  Most of these have been sent in by viewers. I decided to try my hand at drawing suns.  

The first one was inspired by the suns I remembered seeing on artwork on the Hopi Nation in Arizona when we lived there for a year.  The rest if I remember correctly were inspired by suns I saw during my time in Mexico.  Yesterday my son sent me photos of my grandsons riding bike and playing outside in the spring sunshine in Saskatoon in their shirtsleeves. Spring has come. Here comes the sun. hopi sun

mexican sun

mayan sun

fruit sun


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  1. I like your suns! Trudeau was right, sunny days are here again.


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