Sign on a hiking path near Hiroshima Japan- 10 Minutes Walk – (7 If You Run A Little)  Sign on our family cottage at Moose Lake. Tsunami evacuation sign in Phuket ThailandSign outside the art gallery in Minneapolis. Sign warning of a land mine in CambodiaDave with our friend Alan in Singapore. Neither Dave or Alan really had to worry about ducking despite the warning sign. Dave and his brother Paul point to the sign at the entrance to the Bird Garden in Hong KongI pose by the Abbey Road sign in London.  Abbey Road was made famous on a Beatles album. Street sign I photographed in Madrid.  A misogynist sign I found in a bowling alley in Vientiene Laos. Sign showing us all the different kinds of fish we might see while snorkeling in Borneo. Danger sign in a thermal park we hiked through in Rotorua New Zealand Sign indicating the men’s washroom in Kyoto Japan.Sign on a T-shirt I found in a souvenir shop in Jerusalem. Volcano emergency sign information posted in a house we rented in Iceland

Sign in one of the hotels we stayed in while on a bike trip in Germany.  It means “The laughter you send you comes right back to you.”

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