Merida By Design

I have started doing design blog posts after our trips looking at artistic things that catch my eye.  Here are some design photos from our two months in Merida Mexico.

Ecological Cooking Pot or Olla Ecologica by Alfonso Castillo Orta at the Merida Folk Museum

Home on the streets of Merida

Tree root pattern in a Merida Park

Salad at the Bella Roma Restaurant

Jaar by Frida Feliz- Soho Art Gallery – Merida

Kids Making a Lego mural in a Merida mall

Matador’s costume – Bull Fight Stadium Merida

Dave walking through the courtyard outside the Merida Art Gallery surrounded by beautiful work on transparent glass

Merida city sign with our friend Rudy. Notice we are each standing in front of the first letter of our name. 

Pillows in a house on a House and Garden tour in Merida

Door at the Merida University

Mask for sale at a shop in Progresso

Rooster Chicken or Gallo Gallina by Virginia Ayla -Merida Art Gallery

Floor tiles in the Merida Folk Art Museum

Conversation by J. M. Casanova- Merida Art Gallery

Flowers in the Merida Market

The century old house my sister and her husband rented in Merida

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