The Life of Pi Argument

Dave outside a zoo in Portugal

My husband Dave likes to visit zoos when we travel.  It is not my favorite thing to do.  I feel so sorry for the animals especially in some zoos where the poor creatures seem to be trapped in such miserable living conditions.  So every time he wants to visit a zoo and I protest Dave cites the Life of Pi argument.  

In the very popular Yann Martel novel  the main character Pi delivers a reasoned argument about why we shouldn’t criticize zoos.

Camel Merida Zoo- photo by Rudy Nikkel

Pi says many people think zoos are cruel places run by wicked people who throw animals into tiny jails.  The trapped animals have their free spirits broken. 

Monkey Merida Zoo- photo by Rudy Nikkel

Pi says animals aren’t free in the wild either. They live in a dangerous environment with a deadly animal hierarchy and are in constant fear that they won’t find enough to eat.  They must constantly defend their territory.

Hippo Merida Zoo- photo by Rudy Nikkel

Pi says wild animals are very territorial and their enclosure at the zoo is just another kind of territory where they are safe and have easy access to food and water. 

Jaguar Merida Zoo- Photo by Rudy Nikkel

Pi claims zoos are no better or worse for animals than the conditions they experience in the wild. In fact he says animals probably prefer zoos because there aren’t so many bugs and enemies and there is lots of food. 

Zebra Merida Zoo- photo by Rudy Nikkel

I had to listen to Dave make this argument again when we visited the zoo in Merida Mexico on a brutally hot day where the close quarters of the animals and the almost overwhelming smell did little to convince me that Dave or Pi was right. Dave on the other hand spent a happy hour checking out all the wild life. 

I have yet to come up with a good enough counter argument to prevent further trips to zoos on holidays.  Do any of my readers have one? 

Thanks to my friend Rudy Nikkel for the photos of the animals in the Merida Zoo.

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2 responses to “The Life of Pi Argument

  1. Dave’s a big boy who can go to the zoo himself. You don’t HAVE to go… Why do something you strongly disagree with?

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