Puzzling With My Sister

My sister and I like doing jigsaw puzzles but neither of us had thought to bring one along to Merida, Mexico. It took a little searching but finally I found a good selection in an educational toy store in a large mall.  I bought one for our house in La Ceiba and one for my sister’s house in Merida. I decided to go with Mexican themes for both of them. The one at my house was a picture of Mexican food.  It was not an easy puzzle but over a period of a couple of weeks and in between visiting and eating and glasses of wine and lunches and phoning our Dad together and cups of coffee we got it done.  The puzzle at my sister’s house was very challenging!!  I admit I only put in a couple of pieces.  Luckily my sister had  friends visiting for a week and they are both excellent puzzlers so they helped Kaaren do the puzzle.  

I found a couple of websites that list all the benefits of adults doing jigsaw puzzles. It can improve your short term memory, develop problem solving and visual spacial skills and boost your intelligence quotient.  It can lift your mood,  help stave off dementia, lower stress levels, increase attention to detail and foster cooperation and collaboration.  And I would add  provide an opportunity to do something enjoyable, challenging and fun with your sister. 

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3 responses to “Puzzling With My Sister

  1. Elvira Kampen

    Love that baby carrier – what a beautiful puzzle, MaryLou. Calla lilies? Awesome.


  2. Helen

    I have never been able to do puzzles. Even kindergarten puzzles puzzle me ! Believe me, I’ve tried, but sooo far, I’m somewhere between being dyslexic and dysfunctional: I just can’t figure them out! I’m still trying but so far puzzling has eluded me! Very frustrating but believe you me, I’ve tried many times! I can sew, put fabric pieces together, read any kind of book and enjoy it? What is wrong with me? As my fatherfather-in-law used to say, whatever!


    • That is so interesting Helen. I know there are people who find puzzling much easier than others. My sister is much better at it than I am and her two visitors who helped her with the second puzzle are very talented puzzlers. Kaaren said she would never have finished the puzzle without them. I can’t sew. Having to take sewing in Home Ec class was extremely frustrating for me. I wouldn’t have passed without my Mom’s help. We all have our own abilities and talents. You have many Helen.


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