Indian Dinner

at the indian dinner in merida

Dave and me at the Indian dinner in Merida

My sister and her husband rented a home in Merida that wasn’t far from the English Library.   The place is full of English books to take out or buy but it also serves as a meeting place for all kinds of tours and events for English speaking residents and visitors to Merida. We decided to attend a dinner the library was hosting  in the home of the president of the library’s board of directors. It was catered by a chef from India.

The home where they had the dinner looked pretty plain from the outside but inside it was a beautifully restored old mansion filled with interesting art and furniture 

I was fascinated by this piece of art that showed Jesus on the cross in a boat surrounded by a variety of religious and church folk and then outside the boat some very interesting characters trying to get in. I showed this photo to my sister later and we found all kinds of small details in the painting to talk about.

I wished the dinner had been during the day because the home in which we enjoyed our meal had such interesting architecture and art but was also dimly lit for the dinner so I wasn’t able to see all the fascinating details of the beautifully restored turn of the century home.

The kitchen area from which our drinks were served. Check out the coat of arms on the fan over the stove. 

We sat near the door that opened onto the patio and pool area of the house

My sister chats with one of our table companions

We shared our table with a retired tax accountant and his friendly wife who told us they had homes here in Mexico, in Minneapolis, in Sarasota Florida and in upstate New York.  They talked about some of the positives of spending the winter in Merida but also some of the challenges.

Two more of our table mates at the dinner

Our other table mate was a middle aged man who seemed unsure of where his exact home was but he was working towards establishing a base in Merida on more of a full time basis and seemed to make his living giving travel talks and teaching travel courses to seniors. 

Our menu for the dinner

The buffet table adorned with India flags

Dave and our friend Rudy with their full plates

The house was packed with people and each place setting had a copy of the menu on the plate so we knew exactly what we would be enjoying for our dinner later on. 

The evening was interesting and took us to a part of Merida we hadn’t been to before. It also confirmed for us the diversity of the expat population here in Merida which includes folks from many different countries.

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