at the great wall
With my husband Dave on the Great Wall of China in a photograph taken by my brother
moss covered wall vik icelandA moss covered wall around a cemetery.  I photographed it in Vik Icelandwall aidaI photographed this wall while visiting a Palestinian refugee camp in Bethlehem
john-lennon-wall-pragueMy husband Dave in a photo I took of him at the John Lennon Wall in Praguememorial-to-conscientious-objectors-winklerA wall to honor pacifist conscientious objectors I photographed in Winkler Manitobabiking-in-xianDave and I biking on the wall around the ancient Chinese city of Xian in a photo taken by our tour guidepraying at the wailing wallPhoto I took of women praying with me at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

 I photographed this intriguing electronic display of  people writing the word welcome on a wall at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg.wall in gaudi parkDetail on a wall I photographed in Gaudi Park in Barcelona, Spain
I photographed Dave walking by the city walls of Gaia Portugal along the Douro RiverDave photographed me in front of one of the remaining walls around the Colleseum in Rome. Dave and his cousin John talk with a member of the Wendat First Nation in front of the wall around their traditional settlement, a Quebec heritage site. 

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