A Penny For Your Thoughts

There is an episode from the old television series The Twilight Zone I’ve been thinking about lately.  It is called A Penny for Your Thoughts and stars Dick York as a man named Hector B. Poole who suddenly has the ability to know exactly what other people are thinking. 

Would I want to know what other people are thinking?  I think in some cases as Hector discovers this could work out positively.  

Hector is happy to find out that a woman he likes feels the same way about him.

For example Hector finds out that a woman in his office he admires has affection for him too.  It might be nice to know that someone regards you positively even if they don’t tell you. It could improve your relationship.  

Hector discovers that his boss has little respect for him.

It might also be good to know if you irritate and upset people or to learn they don’t respect you even if they are doing a pretty good job of hiding those feelings.  Then you could attempt to change your behavior and that could improve your relationship.  However knowing what people think of you might also prove so devastating that it could end a relationship. 

In the closing scene of the Twilight Zone episode A Penny For Your Thoughts Hector loses his ability to read people’s minds and viewers are left with the feeling that might be for the best. I think probably the courage to communicate openly with others and to share our feelings more readily may be a better way to work at relationships than trying to read minds. 

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