I learned about hygge at a wellness workshop I attended.  It is a Danish word that means ‘enjoying the good things in life with good people.’  The importance of hygge in Danish culture is perhaps the reason it is repeatedly listed as home to the happiest people in the world.  

I just had a wonderful couple of days of hygge. Our children and grandchildren from Saskatoon were here for a visit and we were joined by our Winnipeg children.  

The weather was sunny and warm and we spent a beautiful morning at the Forks making our way down part of the river walk, checking out some of the architecturally creative warming huts and trying out all the interesting things in the playground behind the Children’s Museum.  

The next day we headed out to Fort Whyte where the younger two generations had such fun on the toboggan slide. Later we explored the tipi, the sod house and watched the bison.

Our days together included a turkey dinner complete with my husband’s traditional bread pudding made with the help of our older grandson, a faspa with extended family, a lunch of home-made hearty soups courtesy of our daughter-in-law, a waffle breakfast, music making, some game playing, puzzling, drawing and colouring, visiting, story reading, stocking opening, sharing last year’s highlights and our expectations for the coming year, going out for coffee, and even a little napping and knitting.  

It was certainly a time of hygge- “enjoying the good things in life with good people.” 

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3 responses to “Hygge

  1. Wonderful Christmas MaryLou! How do you pronounce hygge?


  2. At my workshop they said “hoo gah”. Looking forward to our Wednesday visit. MaryLou

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