window in indiaWindow  in Jaipur India. wall hanging by mary yuusipik singaqtiWall Hanging by Mary Yuusipik Singaqti at the Winnipeg Art Gallery
fields in vietnamFields in Vietnam. casa guadiTowers on a house designed by Gaudi in Barcelona Spain. window yunnanWindow on a building near the Tibet border. rice cakes drying in laosRice cakes drying in Vientiane Laos. field guide to fish in a marine park in borneoField guide to fish in a marine park in Borneo. artwork by new zealand school childrenArtwork by grade one students on display in Rotorua New Zealand. lace covering taxi cab kyotoLace slipcase on the seat of my taxi in Kyoto Japan.shadows on the floor frank lloyd wright house lakeland floridaShadows on the floor at a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Lakeland Florida. 

I’ve been going through all my photo files to organize and prune them.  From time to time I am going to feature collections of photos I’ve discovered that centre around a certain theme.

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