It Depends How You Look At It

I spent last weekend in Toronto with my husband Dave.  I had planned the weekend as my 65th birthday celebration.  I would attend a children’s writers conference, we would go and see the musical Come From Away, we’d visit the art gallery, a book store, and have meals in some good restaurants. Looking back on our weekend I am reminded of the blog post I did about Daniel Kahneman who says we can choose how we will remember an experience. If I choose to remember the things that went wrong during our time in Toronto I will think of our holiday as a negative experience. If however I choose to remember the positive things we will have had a successful holiday. 

Not everything went right during our weekend in Toronto as my husband’s face demonstrates

So I will choose not to think about the fact that ………..

it was freezing cold and pouring rain when we arrived in Toronto. My husband’s navigating skills went a little awry so we took a wrong bus and ended up walking several kilometers with our luggage in the freezing conditions to our bed and breakfast. I was completely soaked and my fingers were icicles by the time we arrived. 

 I got the times wrong for the movie we wanted to see one afternoon and when we arrived at the theatre the movie was half over. 

We walked by an art gallery featuring the work of Robert Wiens who my husband knew as a teenager. Robert’s show had just closed the previous day. 

We missed an art show by a friend of my husbands’ by one day. 

The  private consultation I had arranged for with a children’s book editor about a manuscript of mine was disappointing. He told me while my book was  funny and well written, there simply wouldn’t be a big enough market for it because of its content.

So I will choose to remember the fact that……….

The conference I attended had one great speaker after another and I met so many interesting people who were all children’s writers. 

The musical Come From Away was simply marvelous and engaged my full attention from start to finish. 

There were lots of great things to see at the Art Gallery of Ontario

There were so many new and fascinating things to see at the Art Gallery of Ontario. 

We discovered a marvelous new little coffee shop called The Library.

My birthday weekend in Toronto was a success.  That’s how I will choose to remember it!


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7 responses to “It Depends How You Look At It

  1. John & Marion Driedger

    Happy Birthday MaryLou.


  2. One day you’ll be able to laugh about it. 🙂

    That’s just one editor’s opinion about market. I think that experience should also fall into the positive because his comments that your story is “funny and well written” over shadow anything else he said.

    Happy birthday, MaryLou!


  3. Helen Goerzen

    Happy birthday Marylou!
    Glad to hear your weekend was a success!
    The power of positive thinking !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Keep sending that book out! I want to be the first to predict it sells!


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