Zion National Park- A Place of Worship

trees zion national parkWhen pioneer Isaac Behunin saw the rock formations in what is now Utah’s Zion National Park in 1863 he is said to have exclaimed “These are the temples of God, built without human hands. You can worship God among these great cathedrals as well as in any church. ”  He called the place Zion because it is a religious term used to describe a place of worship, refuge and sanctuary. We spent last Sunday in that place of worship.  

tree roots and shadows zion

I loved the gnarled roots of this tree and the design the leaves made on the  path

rainbow zion national park

Rainbow on the rocks on the path to the Emerald Pools

river walk zion national park

On the River Walk hike

mountains zion national park

waterfall zion national park

Water cascading down over our trail

dave zion

zion utah

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