90 Years

dad ninetyLast Sunday we celebrated my father’s 90th birthday.  Staging the event was a real collaborative effort.  

dad with his two younger sisters

My Dad with his two youngest sisters. 

One of my father’s younger sisters made a speech about Dad and along with his three other sisters supplied a beautiful flower arrangement to add color to the room where we had the party.  

dad interview

Dad talks about his childhood in an interview

My nephew who is a television news reporter had interviewed my Dad about his life and we played an edited version of the interview for the guests.  

dave and I with dad

My husband Dave and I with Dad.

I had collected some 200 photos of Dad and compiled them into a slide show that ran throughout the afternoon. As you can see my sister-in-law did a great job with the decorations.  

food at birthday

My sister arranged for the party food.

My sister had arranged for the food and cake and one of my brothers sent out all the invitations and kept track of the guest list.  

dad and family

My brother and his family pose with Dad.

My younger brother was the master of ceremonies for the party and gave the toast to Dad.  

dad with bryan and abigail

Even some great-grandchildren were at the party.

We were so grateful to all the people who came out including grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  

dad with elbert and loraine

Dad with good friends from Steinbach who drove into Winnipeg for his party

Dad has lots of friends and we were glad quite a number of them whom we’d invited were able to come to the party.  When I asked Dad how he’d felt about the party he told me it had been great but his heart had been beating pretty fast through the whole thing. I think he liked his birthday celebration.  It’s not every day you turn 90.

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  1. Ruth

    He’s still as handsome as he was when he was my doctor and delivered my first son, Darryl Peters, in Steinbach 53 years ago. Happy birthday Dr. Peters!


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