Questions From the Genius Bar

I spent a couple of hours at the genius bar of the Apple Store on Monday with a very nice guy named Mike who helped me free up a ton of space on my computer since it was almost out of memory.  

A woman who looked to be a decade or maybe even two older than I am, sat across the table where a twenty -something Apple employee with glasses and a pony tail patiently provided answers to a long list of questions she had written down about her computer and her phone.  

When he had answered every single one, she patted him on the arm and said, “You tell your mother young man that she did an excellent job of raising you. You are so polite and kind.”  The Apple guy just smiled as the woman slowly and carefully slid off her chair and walked out of the store. 

For some reason that exchange stuck with me and  left me asking some questions.

Why didn’t the young man’s father get any credit for raising such a good kid?

How many people are there who still think parenting is primarily the mother’s task?

Do parents play the most vital role in raising successful happy kids? What roles do schools, communities, extended family and churches have? 

What about the parents out there who do everything right and still raise children who are troubled or struggle through life and aren’t polite and kind like the young man in the Apple Store? 

What percentage of  jobs require not only technical expertise but also the ability to interact personably and politely with others? 

Could I think of any bad experience I’d had with Apple? 

Who’d have thought a visit to the Genius Bar could be so thought provoking?

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2 responses to “Questions From the Genius Bar

  1. Ruth

    You pose very interesting questions today. Will you be pursuing those in search of answers? I’d love to hear what you find out.


  2. gabe

    You can make anything interesting!


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