45 Years

Forty five years ago Dave and I got married on a very hot August morning. I know one of the reasons we’ve had a lasting marriage is because of our parents. They showed us what it meant to be loyal and to have a strong faith that guides your decisions and choices. They shared their financial resources with us, and demonstrated the importance of hard work. Dave’s Dad had a great sense of humour. Humour has helped us navigate some challenging times in our marriage.  Dave’s Mom was a marvelous cook.  Sharing food has been a way to welcome many people into our home and build relationships that have enriched our married life immensely. My Mom was passionately interested and invested in her children and grandchildren. Time spent with our children and grandchildren and their many interesting activities has been one of the greatest gifts of our marriage.   My Dad has served his community in a hundred different ways and being involved in the community around us no matter where we have lived has added vitality and meaning to our married life. We’ve been married for 45 years today and one of the reasons we’ve reached that milestone is because of the support and example of our parents. 

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7 responses to “45 Years

  1. Ruth

    Congratulations on achieving such a mile stone

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  2. Congratulations, MaryLou and Dave!

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  3. Hooray! ML & Dave from Leamington, formerly of Northern MB, Landmark, Friesen Avenue, Eagle Place, Kykotsmovi, Hong Kong, etc. and currently living the saddle-sore, hipster-to-the-core, knackzote-no-more, urban dream down by the river, opp Vinnipeg. Who knows where you’ll land over the next 45 years?


  4. Thanks so much Mitch. Boy impressive memory- you summed up our geographical history well- only place missing is our house on Westwood. Hope to see you guys again soon.

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    • Right – Dave was the Wizard of Westwood (and Rob F. too, while you guys headed south to up your vitamin D at a high altitude). See you around – I have a Writer’s Circle meeting in your ‘hood soon. That might be a chance to sip some overpriced coffee together, compare man-buns, etc. Cheers!

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  5. Marie

    Nice article and pictures! It’s definitely a milestone. Hard work 😓. We are right behind you in 2019.
    PS. Dave could be a twin to his brother.


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