Animal Wisdom

God sets out the entire creation as a science classroom, using birds and beasts to teach wisdom. – Job 35:9  (The Message)

giraffe taronga zoo australia

Giraffe- photo taken at the Taronga Zoo Australia

Reach for new heights. Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out.

bison herd

Bison- photo taken at Fort Whyte Nature Centre Winnipeg

Have a tough hide. Roam wild and free.

butterfly wonderland phoenix

Butterfly- photo taken  in Phoenix Arizona

Look for the sweetness in life. Let your true colors show. 

burrowing owl

Owl- photo taken Fort Whyte Nature Center

Glide through the dark times. Remember life’s a hoot.

dragon fly 1

Dragon Fly- photographed at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Keep your eyes open. Zoom in on your dreams.

alligators in florida

Alligator- photo taken in the Florida Keys

Keep an eye out for opportunities.  Take a bite out of life. 

horses iceland

Horse- photo taken in Iceland

Loosen the reins. Carry your friends when they need it.

herons hecla island

Heron- photo taken at Hecla Island

Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet.  Look below the surface. 

elephant barcelona zoo

Elephant- photo taken at the Barcelona Zoo

Don’t work for peanuts.  Be all ears. 

lion in phoenix zoo

Lion -photo taken in the Phoenix Zoo

Roar with confidence. Show your pride.

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  1. When my father passed away in 2005 I first became aware of dragonflies because at the cemetery there were so many. They kept bumping into me. Perhaps they were released to catch mosquitos. Since then they have somehow become a part of my life. So today they have given me a message through your blog post: “Keep your eyes open. Zoom in on your dreams.” Thank you, Mary Lou.

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