Dave The Professional Driver

My husband Dave often reminds people who venture to offer him advice when he is behind the wheel that he is after all a professional driver. Dave has a part time job as a shuttle driver for a luxury car dealership in Winnipeg.  getting john into the vanYesterday however he took his professional driving skills to a whole new level. He drove a wheel chair accessible van to transport his brother and his wife to their 36th anniversary party.

getting instructions

Dave getting a few tips over the phone from the owner of the van who wasn’t home when we went to pick it up

Dave had to learn how to operate the lift that raises the wheelchair into the van.  driving the vanHe admitted the vehicle was a bit of a boat that swayed a little from side to side as he drove but with his professional driving skills he was able to steer that ‘boat’ down the highway.  He did deign to take a few directional tips from his sister-in-law since we were navigating the roads of Essex County Ontario and there have been one or two changes to the local geography since Dave grew up there more than fifty years ago.  

john out of the van

Our nephew and my brother-in-law helped Dave lower the wheelchair out of the van when we arrived at the lake.

Dave did a great driving  job getting the anniversary couple to their party on the grounds of the hot dog stand on Lake Erie where they had their first date.

anniversary party

My sister-in-law telling the anniversary party guests a funny story about how she fell in love with her husband.

 Some fifty people had gathered to order supper at the hot dog stand, visit and enjoy champagne and cake. the anniversary coupleBefore we headed back home Dave drove the van down to the beach so the couple could take a stroll along the lake where their romance had first started.  dave and johnI was proud of Dave yesterday. He put his professional driving skills to wonderful use.

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