What’s a Boston Cooler?

Whenever we visit Dave’s home stomping grounds in southern Ontario he likes to make a stop at the Dairy Freez. It’s a place he has been going to since he was a child.  Founded in 1954 by Clarence Wright the Dairy Freez is a three generation family business.  Clarence’s granddaughter Arlene is the current owner and she and her husband live in her grandparents’ home right next door to the busy food establishment.  The Dairy Freez is located between the communities of Essex and Cottam. Yesterday morning we went to Essex to watch our great-nephew play baseball.  Our nephew is the coach and the game was a nail biter with our team coming from behind to score a victory.  After all that excitement we were hungry and decided it was the perfect time to make our ritual stop at the Dairy Freez. A great-niece of ours was working behind the counter so we waved and said hello before placing our order with one of the ‘car hops’ who will serve you at your car or at one of the many picnic tables to be found on the nicely landscaped grounds behind the Dairy Freez. Dave had his traditional chili dog and we shared some of the delicious fries and the signature drink offered by the Dairy Freez, a Boston Cooler.  It is made with ice cream and Vernors.  Vernors is a local ginger ale created by a Detroit pharmacist James Vernor in 1866 and sold primarily in Michigan and southern Ontario. Our sons always looked forward to having Vernors on our annual trips to Ontario since it wasn’t available in Manitoba. Yesterday was sweltering hot here in southern Ontario so we definitely appreciated our icy Boston Cooler. 

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