Inspiration from Maya Angelou


President Barak Obama presents author and poet Maya Angelou with the Presidential Medal of Freedom

I love Maya Angelou and have read many of her books and poems.  Here is a piece of advice she gave that I am really trying to take to heart especially as I age. It is isn’t always easy.  There are days when I think many people feel the world is ‘going to hell in a hand basket’ and it is tempting to contemplate just crawling into a corner and ceasing to engage, but Maya Angelou’s words inspire us to do anything but that. 

Don’t just survive. Thrive and do it with………….

working in my office writing book

Working on a writing project in my office in Hong Kong. Writing is definitely one of my passions.

some passion,

with children on bolaven coffee plantation in laos

My husband Dave helping children on the Bolaven Coffee Plantation in Laos learn English

some compassion,

dressing up at the museum in quebec city

Fooling around in a museum in Quebec City

some humour and ……….

young girls in the 1940's in dresses they sewed

My mother with her best friend Millie around 1943 and dresses they had made for themselves

some style.

Don’t just survive, thrive and do it with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.

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