Should Canadians Still Travel to the United States?

Quite a number of Canadian people I know say they will not be traveling to the United States any longer.   Although in my view Donald Trump has done one morally repugnant thing after another, both before and after taking office, many feel America has crossed the final line of decency and democracy and honesty with the separation of immigrant children from their parents, the upholding of the Muslim travel ban by the Supreme Court and the president declaring that products from their closest neighbour and ally, Canada, pose a national security risk to the United States.

We have a trip to the United States planned for the fall and I am torn about whether we should go through with it.  Here is stuff I am mulling over in that regard.

We have traveled in mainland China repeatedly and their human rights record is dismal.

Is it even safe to go to the United States? The lack of sensible gun control laws means there is a mass shooting five out of every six days. 

55% of the American people do not support Donald Trump and many of the actions he has taken.  Would traveling to their country or not traveling to their country be the best way to show my support for them ?

Am I being self-righteous?  My own country’s government was hit with its fourth non-compliance order by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal this year for not providing equal services to the indigenous children of Canada. 

We will be going to Utah where my husband will be participating in a sporting tournament. Could the event provide an opening to talk to Americans in Utah and dialogue with them? Utah’s electoral votes went to Mr. Trump. Might I have the opportunity to share some of my faith and humanitarian concerns in a polite and civil way and  try to understand how their world view can differ so much from mine? 

One of the things we want to see are Utah’s stunning national parks.  President Trump is shrinking them so they can be opened up for oil, gas and coal mining potential.  If we don’t go and see them now we may not get another chance. 

Although travel to the United States from every other area of the world has declined since President Trump was elected travel from Canada has actually risen.  Should I be contributing to this trend? What kind of message does that send? 

Have you changed your American travel plans?  Do you think Canadians should? 

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4 responses to “Should Canadians Still Travel to the United States?

  1. Marie

    Good thoughts! It’s a struggle, knowing we want to go to the US, but feel more and more uncomfortable especially crossing the border. Now they want access to our phones as well at the border!! We have been to Utah many times and to all the parks and I can’t believe he would destroy such beautiful parks, would he? They are truly some of the most beautiful parks in the world.


  2. For me there is no struggle. I admit we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. That did not feel like being in the States at all, but I refuse to cross the border on the mainland until that fruit loop is out of office.

    To think that 55% are against him, that means 45% are for him… Now that’s scary.


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