I’m Married to a Guerrilla

My husband Dave became a guerrilla gardener last week.   According to the online definition guerrilla gardening is the act of gardening on land that you don’t have an actual legal right to.  Last summer Dave noticed a woman from our condo building working in some of the raised flower beds around our parking garage and on our street.  He stopped to chat and she told him she was a guerrilla gardener.  She enjoyed gardening and had planted things in our neighbourhood  on her own. He asked if the following spring he could put a few tomato plants in one of the beds.  

Dave checks out his tomato plants

She figured that would be just fine so on Saturday he planted his tomatoes.

Dave and me on the tractor on the tomato farm where Dave grew up

Dave grew up on a tomato farm and although he swore he’d never grow tomatoes again after working so hard on the  farm as a kid,  by the year we celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary he was digging up a patch of grass in our backyard to plant tomatoes.  He’d become nostalgic for the crop whose care and tending had occupied so much of his time during his growing up years. 

When we moved to Hong Kong and then to a condo building in Winnipeg he thought his tomato growing days were over……. that is until he discovered guerrilla gardening.  I’m looking forward to seeing how his plants do.  

A sign left by a guerrilla gardener in a flower bed on our street

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