Memories of Sai Kung

Last Sunday at our church’s neighborhood festival I sat beside a young woman who has been in Canada only nine months and has been taking English classes at our church. She told me she was from Hong Kong so I asked in what area of that city she had made her home.  “Sai Kung”, she replied.  Well that got a great conversation going. Dave and I loved the Sai Kung area when we lived in Hong Kong.  Located right on the ocean with some of the best seafood ever, it was a great place to go hiking and golfing and junk boat riding.  Our encounter with the woman from Sai Kung had me looking through my picture files for memories of Sai Kung. 

Our Hong Kong visitor Michelle Sawatsky picking out sea food for dinner in Sai Kung

With our sons at a Buddhist Temple in the Leung Shuen Wan area of Sai Kung

Hiking in Sai Kung County Park

At the Kau Sai Chau golf course on a island just off the Sai Kung coast

Dave picks out his supper at a Sai Kung restaurant

Men playing Mahjong in the Leung Shuen Wan area of Sai Kung

Tai Long Wan Beach – Photo taken just before we hiked down to this gorgeous beach on the east coast of Sai Kung

Our family on a junk boat in Sai Kung

Doing a beach clean up in Sai Kung with my high school students

Golfing with middle school students in Sai Kung

On a  boat in Sai Kung with friends

Hiking through Ma On Shan County Park to Sai Kung

rudy and sue at anthony's ranch sai kung

Our friends Rudy and Sue Nikkel outside Anthony’s Ranch Restaurant in Sai Kung

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