What’s In Your Carry On?

A regular feature in the Air Canada magazine Enroute is called What’s in Your Carry On? They ask a passenger what they have in their carry on and then take a picture of ten items from their carry on baggage and ask the passenger to describe them.  I decided the exercise might be fun.  So here are ten things that were in my carry on when I flew to Saskatoon on the weekend. 

ten items

Here are the descriptions of my items from top left to bottom right

Ragged Company– I am madly trying to get this Richard Wagamese book done before I attend my first book club meeting at a Winnipeg library.

Sketching Pad and pencils– I am trying to draw everyday and my older grandson loves to go through my sketch book when we get together to see what I’ve drawn and then add a few sketches of his own to its pages. 

Passport- a must for air travel these days

Go Fish Game- I taught my six year old grandson how to play Go Fish the last time we visited and he really liked it so I brought it along for us to play

Hat and sunglasses- The weather prediction for Saturday and Sunday in Saskatoon was in the mid twenties and since my son’s family likes to spend lots of time outside I wanted to be prepared. 

Birthday Gift- our younger grandson was turning two. I made him a personalized song book and my husband got him a Jets T-shirt. 

Maze Book– My older grandson likes mazes so I brought a book of them for us to do together. 

Day Planner- I never go anywhere without this.  I know I should probably keep track of my life electronically but I’m still not comfortable with that and need a planner where I can make monthly and daily plans for my life as well as have space for notes and ideas. 

Andy and the Lion-  Both my grandsons enjoy this story so I usually bring it along when I am going to see them. 

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