Common Threads- Indigenous Spirituality

 We are visiting Ancient Echoes a museum and interpretive center in Herschel Saskatchewan where you can learn about the life of the Plains Indigenous people.Our guides Dave and Sue Neufeld take us for a long hike and we stop to learn about different stone formations that were important in the cultural and religious life of the Indigenous people who erected their tipis around Herschel in the 1700s and 1800s. This arrangement of stones was for a vision quest and Dave Neufeld invites Dave to try it out. He says it is very peaceful and surprisingly warm lying spread-eagled on the ground even though the day is freezing cold. During a vision quest, a person spends a period of time out alone in nature fasting and praying and waiting for a vision that will give their life purpose and direction. Our guide Dave Neufeld points out the correlation with Biblical stories where prophets had visions that provided direction not only for their lives but for the lives of the people of Israel. There are also many Biblical characters who fasted and prayed before making major decisions. Dave Neufeld says it is too bad that when the Christians had initial contact with Indigenous people they didn’t search for the similarities between Indigenous spiritual practices and Christianity rather than focusing their attention on the differences. It might have saved a great deal of heartache. While Dave is lying in the vision quest space Dave Neufeld gets out a drum he has made and drums and sings a beautiful song in his strong voice. 

Chorus: We are all one people

We all come from one Creator way on high

We are all one nation under one great sky

You and I 

We are all one people

We are all one nation

We are all one color in her eye. 

We are all one color if we try. 

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2 responses to “Common Threads- Indigenous Spirituality

  1. ML I really like the comment about the mistake of looking for differences rather than commonalities. This was a fundamental flaw made by Europeans when they encountered indigenous people in North America and it has caused grievous harm.


    • Thanks Hans. I am doing this Common Threads series to highlight what faiths can learn from each other and what they have in common. We shouldn’t be trying to convert other people to our beliefs but rather looking for what we can learn from theirs.


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