Artist’s Prayer

My writer’s group has been working our way through Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way.  In the chapter we discussed on Thursday Julia had included an Artist’s Prayer and suggested we pray it each day.  Julia’s prayer didn’t really resonate with me and since she also encouraged us to write our own prayers, I did. 

Spirit of life and love

I see evidence of your creativity all around me

I know you have blessed me with a creative spirit too

I want to discover and acknowledge that creative spirit

Give me the courage to explore my creativity and the wisdom to channel it

Make me open to new ideas and new ways of thinking

Help me move forward

Secure in my wholeness 

Trusting my inner spirit

Confident about what I can become  

Anticipating what I will create

And bold about sharing my creations

Help me encourage creativity in others

By being someone who nurtures and affirms

I need to remember your spirit is with me always

And that I am loved and I am worthy of love

May my creativity shine and be life-giving

-MaryLou Driedger

Julia’s book The Artist’s Way is helping me realize how my creative life and my spiritual life are intertwined.  

silver letter holder from grandma schmidt

Silver ink well I inherited from my maternal grandmother Annie Jantz Schmidt. Grandma received it as a Christmas gift from her sister Tilly in 1911. My grandmother expressed her creativity in many ways. She had beautiful penmanship, hooked wool rugs, designed rag rugs, did oil paintings and sang duets in church with her husband. I also have a beautiful lace tablecloth she made. 

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4 responses to “Artist’s Prayer

  1. Ruth Goudreau

    May I share your prayer with a young woman I know who is also being very creative in many ways and needs a bit of encouragement?


  2. Sandra

    Hello, Marylou,
    I just wanted to let you know that I just discovered your beautiful Artist’s Prayer and I think it’s simply perfect. It resonates with me as being deeply meaningful, open-hearted, trusting. I want to start creative writing myself and, until I come up with my own version of such a prayer, I look forward to reading yours aloud when I sit down to write. Thank you for being so inspirational and generous in sharing your wonderful writing talent!


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