Common Threads- The Bahá’í

chicago's bahai templeWe visited a friend in Chicago.  She took us to a Bahá’í  Temple near her home. Although our friend is a Christian church member I could see why she would appreciate the beautiful Bahá’í sanctuary. What a peaceful lovely place to meditate and pray.

With our friend’s daughter outside the temple

A man was leading tours of the temple and he gave us a brochure outlining the goals of the Bahá’í ……. to help eliminate prejudice in the world, to achieve equality between men and women, to harmonize science and religion, to bring about world peace, to find spiritual solutions to economic problems and to establish universal education. Those sounded like worthy and important ideals to me and many were outcomes my own church would endorse.

welcome at bahai temple chicagoI liked the Bahá’í  desire to find common threads with other faiths and the way they believe there is value in all religions. I liked the fact that one Bahá’í  temple on each continent suffices.  Money isn’t wasted on multiple church buildings, one in each community. I liked the idea that people met in small groups in homes. That must make it easy to build relationships.

There were definitely things of value in the Bahá’í  faith that could enrich my own faith practice.  There were definitely things the Bahá’í  faith and my own Mennonite faith had in common.

*I am going to blog regularly this month about learning from other faith traditions in order to prepare for a talk I’m giving in May. 

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