A Perfect Way to End Our Portugal Adventure

Dave was getting tired of  touring by the end of our stay in Portugal, so for our last days there he booked us into a small hotel in the town of Maiorca which is near the ocean between Porto and Lisbon.  The place used to be  home to a rice plantation owner and is called Quinta d’Anta- Hotel Rural.

The gate to our hotel

It certainly was rural and quite lovely.  

The building where the hotel rooms are located

The rooms were very nice, the grounds gorgeous and since it was the off-season and during the week we were one of only two couples at the place.  It advertises itself as a resort where you can learn how to surf and this glassed in surf board art deco piece just outside our bedroom door gave evidence of that.  But the place isn’t just for surfers.  There was a beautiful Jackson Pollack print over the comfortable chairs in our own little lobby where I could sit in the morning to do my writing while I waited for Dave to wake up.  It was too chilly to use the nice looking pool but we did take out a pair of bicycles one morning and went out for a long ride in the surrounding countryside and around a lake. 

Dave stopped to arm himself with a big stick after a yappy dog ran after his bicycle and tried to bite him.

Dave drives off armed with his bamboo stick

People seemed eager to stop us for a chat and practice their English


Dave Driedger Nature Photographer hadn’t been very active on this holiday but on our bike ride he swung into action and got some beautiful shots.

In one tree we passed there were three nests with a stork sitting in each one

The afternoon we arrived we went for a long walk, stopping for coffee at a little shop and meandering through the narrow cobblestone streets snapping photos.

View of Maiorca

This abandoned mansion was obviously home to a rich family at one time. There is still a family crest over the door.

Church in Maiorca

One of the village squares

Abandoned and used apartments right beside each other

We ate breakfast and supper in the hotel restaurant.   We decided to treat ourselves to massages and they were wonderful. It was the perfect way to end our Portugal adventure. 

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5 responses to “A Perfect Way to End Our Portugal Adventure

  1. John & Marion Driedger

    I am enjoying your write ups. We are unable to do any traveling ourselves and so am enjoying reading about your travels. Thank You for posting. Aunt Marion.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gabe

    The stork photos are amazing. By the way.. . . storks appear to mate for life, but it’s actually the nest that they’re attracted to, not each other. 🙂 Have very much enjoyed reading about your Portugal adventure.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Gabe. I will tell Dave you liked his stork photos. He took lots but I couldn’t include them all. We were surprised to find storks so far north since they tend to congregate in southern Portugal. See you soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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